An Overview of Yaesu System Fusion II

On August 15, 2018, John Kruk N9UPC—National Sales Manager, Yaesu USA—presented An Overview of Yaesu System Fusion II, a Yaseu Education System (YES Network) webinar.

This hour long webinar covered a variety of System Fusion, Wires-X, and IMRS topics including an explanation of the difference between System Fusion and System Fusion II.

Questions specific to firware, software, or future features were not answered during the webinar.

North American (CW) QSO Party 2018

RRRA CW Operators are encouraged to participate in the North American (CW) QSO Party from 1800 UTC August 4 to 0600 UTC August 5, 2018.

The 12 hour format of this QSO Party allows participants to do some great contesting yet still have time for other activities during the weekend.

Participants should visit the NCJ North American QSO Party page for contest rules, information, and other resources.